The AG-100 is highly portable Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) which contains all the parts needed for your surveillance applications. The package consists of the composite airframe with a retractable gyro stabilized EO/IR gimbal, autopilot, laser altitude meter, data-link, video-link, long endurance batteries and the ruggedized Portable GCS with the SkyView GCS Operator software. It is a complete surveillance solution for safe & effective missions.

The composite airframe is designed to accommodate multiple sensors. It is equipped with a long-endurance electric propulsion-system and can be hand-launched and recovered by skid-landing.

The aircraft is supplied with a retractable gyro stabilized EO/IR gimbal. A video-link for up to 30 km LOS is included. The included autopilot, SkyView EasyPilot 3.0, contains all components necessary to safely control the vehicle, including GPS navigation & IMU. Full automatic start and landing capability.